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November 26 2014


How to install a pet door | Contractor Advice

Installing your dog and cat door

 Today your chosen General Contractors in Nevada we're going to teach you how to install a pet door. One of the primary things you want to take into consideration is where? to install your dog door. Keep in mind that in order to keep the job simple you have to avoid areas where there maybe studs or perhaps electrical wiring. Don't undergo a whole restructuring process for something that can be done an many more simple ways. Remember, simplicity is golden! Do things right and the most natural way possible. - How to install a doggy door

Now the door can be attached to the backyard door itself or even to the wall as well as the pet door itself these come in many different shapes and sizes. Some are made of aluminum and a few made out of plastic. you'll also find in many home improvement stores like Lowes that they have pet door that latch on to a sliding clear glass door.

To make the process easier below there is an list of items you will need in advance to get the job done.

 Measuring tape
 Jig Saw
 Saw Horse
 Screw Driver
 Might need a hammer for your door hinges
 Pet Door Assembly from a Home Improvement Store
 (Will include Screws and screw threads)
 (Includes Paper Template)

 After choosing where to place you pet door measure you pet at its widest point either the hips or the shoulders and remember to continually add 2 inches. Even more so if you have a puppy with all the cute big paws... you know, the ones that let you know they'll grow to be like Hercules or even the Green Giant? well yes, remember that you also need to take into account the future and the room they'll need to get through the door for many years. Also, measure from to the top of shoulders to the bottom with the belly - whichever is the largest area - and add 2 " to it however, some people may want to add another inch roughly but that is up to you.

Get those previous measurements to some neighborhood home improvement store and find the pet door that fits those measurements or largest. A good selection of doggy doors are located in your neighborhood home improvement stores like Lowe's or Lowes.

Sidenote: Always keep in mind the area you will need between the floor and also the doggy door. We are going to go more into that in a bit.

 Every project is different, different doors or walls so different measurements and so forth. You need to know how much space you may need from the floor up, so measure your dog from the floor to its highest point. Usually which can be the should. Then you'll definitely want to take the door off the hinges and lay it flat over a cutting table or two separate support stands just to make the cutting process a little easier. You might want to get two saw horses and lay it down with exterior faced up. You could also want to use masking tape to mark the top of the door and the exterior.

Every cat or dog door should come with a template so just find the right size for your pet and employ that template to cut the space on the door. Cut such as the template to get your desired size and tape web site to the door. You need to have made a mark on the door earlier when measuring your dog or the template size.

There are a few things to keep in mind when securing website to the door.

 Make sure that the cut of the template size lines up perfectly with the mark you made earlier to determine the height of the door.
 Make certain the edge of the template is evenly laid out with the fringe of the door.
 Place the template anywhere you would like on the door if you make sure you are allowing 3 inches on each side of space.

The next step is to mark a line round the template. The first line was to measure the height, this cements the size of the width and full pet door template. Eliminate the template and drill a 3/8 inch hole within each corner. Then use a jigsaw to cut on the line between the four holes. The hole should be completed and ready for the door.

 Grab the inside frame with the doggy door, the one fitted with the flap and place it on the exterior side with the door. There will be four screw holes which you will need to use a pencil to mark them. Once marked take the frame away and drill the holes having a 1/4 inch drill. This is actually where the exterior frame will go in place. You can also add foam inserts inside the frame for additional insulation. place the frame in place and go ahead and take threaded inserts and place them within the holes of the frame as well as the door.

As the door should nevertheless be laying down you should go ahead and take interior frame from the door from underneath and pull up towards the exterior frame of the door. Hold it steady when you take the plastic screws and thread them to the frame and thread sleeves. You may want a little help from a friend or family member but you really won't need it. Fairly simple enough. Then turn the doorway over and tighten the screws you just threaded in.

If you had to go ahead and take door off the hinges to achieve this job which we do recommend, you can now position the door back on the hinges and where it belongs lol. At this point you should still have overabundance the plastic screws with side cutters, it's simple to clip them off and even caulk your doggy door for the home door for added insulation.

 Dogs learn how to use the door fairly quick, take some time to train them how to use it and if you do not know how there are lots of great articles on the web on how to teach a dog to use a doggy door speak to the good doctor Google to see what you can find.- How to install a doggy door

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